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How it Works

Valuing your car has never been easier. You’re just 3 steps away from getting cash for your junk car.

  1. Start with your license plate or VIN to load basic information about your vehicle.
  2. Provide details about your vehicle, including mileage and accident history.
  3. Receive your cash offers in minutes with no pressure to sell. No fees or tricks!
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Simplifying The Selling Experience For All

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I strongly recommend Topmarq for selling a used car - it's a total game changer. I was able to get over 5 bids on my car in a matter of minutes. Makes it incredibly easy to get the best price!
avatar George H. 2012 Prius C
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Who knew I’d get so much more for the same car just by going to a different dealer. Thank you Topmarq for making it easy to see all the options!
avatar James M. 2012 Acura TLX
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Topmarq made it easy to to see what my car was actually worth without all the effort of going to dealers.
avatar Kelsey O. 2017 Mazda CX-7

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of old cars do you support?

Our partners buy all kinds of beat up and old vehicles! Because we shop quotes for you from multiple buyers, we are able support a much wider variety of vehicles than others. 

What counts as a salvage vehicle?

Salvage vehicle is a vehicle that was involved in an accident and can't be repaired. A salvage vehicle must have been declared a total loss by the insurance company before it can be sold as salvage. You will know the vehicle falls under this type based on the type of title you received when buying it. 

Salvage vehicle is a term specific to the U.S. and is not recognized as a unique type of vehicle in most countries outside the United States.

What's the process for selling a car with a salvage title?

Selling a vehicle with a salvage title can sometimes be confusing because it's much less common than a clean title, but don't worry - we're here to help!

Salvage titles are issued when a vehicle is declared a total loss after being damaged beyond repair. These vehicles are often then sold at auction. The term comes from the practice of salvaging parts from wrecked cars and trucks to sell them at auction. In some cases, rebuilders will buy the cars and then 'rebuild' them up to roadworthiness. In these cases, the title is then updated to 'Rebuilt' after application to the DMV.


Selling a vehicle with a salvage title doesn't need to be a complicated process, and with Topmarq it's even simpler. When you receive offers for your car, our buyers all have simple workflows for transferring the vehicle. Here's a quick step-by-step:


1. Determine whether you can actually sell the vehicle

Before you sell your vehicle, you need to ensure you have access to the title, and if not, apply to get the updated paperwork before attempting to sell.


2. Request offers through our vehicle condition form

To get you the most accurate offers possible, we ask questions about the current condition and the history of the vehicle. The form takes less than 3 minutes. 


3. Review your options

Once you complete the form we will begin pulling offers from the top buyers in your area and nationally. 


4. Chose your buyer

Once you're ready to sell, you can choose to follow up with your chosen buyer and they will process all the paperwork for you. They'll hand you a check or provide ACH payment upon pickup!

How did we get these cash offers for your car?

The auto industry is evolving quickly and it is now possible to quickly get cash offers for your vehicle with just some basic information. The hard part is knowing which will be the highest paying and best for you. We've made it easier by doing the leg work and showing you all your options at once. Because we all deserve options :)

Why is Topmarq the best option for pricing my vehicle?

Topmarq helps you choose the best way to sell your personal car or truck by providing side-by-side comparison of multiple offers. Different buying services use vehicles for different things and can change the prices by hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Why can salvage vehicles be more difficult to sell?

These vehicles are typically harder to sell than other types of used cars because they have been declared a total loss by insurance companies. This often means that the vehicles have sustained significant damage, either from an accident or from some other type of loss such as a natural disaster. As a result, they may require extensive repairs in order to be brought back to a safe and functional condition.

Because of the extensive repairs needed, these vehicles often have a lower value than other used cars. This can make it difficult to find buyers who are willing to pay a fair price for the vehicle. In addition, many states have regulations that require salvaged cars to be labeled as such, which can make them less attractive to potential buyers.

Furthermore, some lenders and insurance companies may not be willing to provide financing or coverage for them, which can further reduce the pool of potential buyers. All of these factors can make it harder to sell a salvage car or truck, especially if you are trying to sell it for a price that reflects the cost of the repairs needed.

Thankfully, our partners specialize in just these types of vehicles and are more than happy to buy them directly from you! Submit your info now to see what they'll offer you today with no pressure or commitment