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How it Works

Valuing your truck has never been easier. You’re just 3 steps away from getting cash for your old truck.

  1. Enter your License Plate or VIN number and we'll find your vehicle information.
  2. Answer some basic questions about your vehicle, including mileage and accident history.
  3. Receive your cash offers in minutes with no pressure to sell. No fees or tricks!
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Simplifying The Selling Experience For All

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I strongly recommend Topmarq for selling a used car - it's a total game changer. I was able to get over 5 bids on my car in a matter of minutes. Makes it incredibly easy to get the best price!
avatar George H. 2012 Prius C
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Who knew I’d get so much more for the same car just by going to a different dealer. Thank you Topmarq for making it easy to see all the options!
avatar James M. 2012 Acura TLX
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Topmarq made it easy to to see what my car was actually worth without all the effort of going to dealers.
avatar Kelsey O. 2017 Mazda CX-7

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Get Maximum Attention and Value When Selling Your Old Truck

One of the most important things you need to do as a truck owner is to maintain your truck. You should take care of the engine, tires, and brakes. You should also make sure that the truck is in good condition. If you want to get maximum attention for your truck, you should make sure that it has been washed and cleaned before you go out on the streets.

The best way to get maximum attention for your truck is by using a quality car wash service. These services will make sure that your truck looks shiny and clean from all angles.

How long does it take to value my old truck?

The process to request your custom quotes is quite easy and takes only a minute or two. Starting with just your VIN or Licence Plate number, we pull basic information about your vehicle. We then request that you answer some condition questions about the interior, exterior, and mechanical state of the truck. 

We are able to value your truck in just a few minutes after you've submitted our initial form. We also provide an estimated trade in value for your vehicle which we generate based on your answers. Some quotes will take longer than others as we retrieve them in different ways, but in all cases we send an email once they are all wrapped up to avoid wasting your time!

Will I receive real offers for my truck?

Where noted as 'Offer Price', these are actual cash offers for your truck from the noted buyers! Should you decide to sell, you can begin the process with that dealer and in some cases have money that day.

*All offers are based on your response to our vehicle condition form and subject to change based on actual inspection of the truck and its associated history.

Why is selling soon a good option?

The main reason why to sell your old truck soon is to take advantage of the inflated vehicle prices that have resulted from strong demand over the last few years. Topmarq has made selling cars and trucks easier than ever before. It doesn't matter if your vehicle is perfect condition or poor, you can get offers online and pick your favorite at your leisure.

Will Topmarq buy my vehicle?

Great question! No, Topmarq is not a dealership and does not buy any vehicles or take part in the transaction. 

That's one (of the many!) things that separates us from the other platforms you may have heard of. As a pricing comparison platform, our goal is not to buy a vehicle from you at the absolute lowest price possible. Our goal is to help inform your and make sure you know your options of dealers that may want your vehicle. Sadly the industry remains incredibly muddled and confusing for those who aren't designated 'car people'. That's why we came in to established an automated 'helper' to allow sellers to quickly and privately explore the available offers.