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How does Topmarq Find Private Vehicles?

Our user-focused platform gives owners a never-before seen level of transparency and control over their sale, which makes it easy for us to grow our audience. As we are not a dealer, we play the role of a neutral third party that users can trust. When you pair our ability to get in front of private sellers and your dealership's service, great things can happen!

Why do Topmarq Dealers care about private party vehicles?

Direct from consumer purchasing of vehicles for lot inventory has exploded over the last several years for a variety of social trends like the pandemic as well as technology making valuation of vehicles easier. The benefits to dealers are clear: vehicles tend to be cheaper than those at dealer auctions and they also present a potential new buyer. 

How will Topmarq Acquisition make my job easier?

As a purchaser in a 'we buy cars' division, you have a tough task in front of you. Scouring Facebook Marketplace, Ebay, etc to find great deals on privately owned vehicles. This is time consuming, difficult, and often expensive as those who are posting to those places often expect top dollar. Instead, you can take advantage of our stream of private vehicles who are just looking for a more competitive trade-in value. The result is a new acquisition channel your dealership can use that feels very similar to your traditional dealer auction.