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How does Topmarq help dealerships?

Topmarq provides a high value service to users by letting private parties get competitive offers for their used vehicles in the comfort of their own home. In doing so, we create an opportunity for dealerships to get in front of these sellers with their offer for the vehicle. Not only does this often save you money on vehicle acquisition, but it also connects you to a potential future buyer!

How do I get started?

To begin the process of getting your dealership access to privately owned vehicles in your area, just go to the 'signup' page and fill out some basic information about you and your dealership. We will get back to your in less than 24 hours in most cases.

Does Topmarq only support licensed dealerships?

Yes, you need to be a licensed dealership to sign up for our dealer portal.

What does Topmarq Cost?

Topmarq charges dealerships a monthly subscription fee that is based on closed vehicle volume. There is no cost to get started! Please enquire through our signup form to learn more about our pricing.

Why should you want more private party inventory?

Most dealers are well aware of all the benefits of buying private party inventory over the alternatives, but we'll re-iterate here. Buying direct from consumers is a great way to get quality vehicles at prices well below auction or other dealer-to-dealer options.

Additionally, every private seller is a potential buyer! With over 50% of sellers looking for another vehicle in turn, and tax credits in your favor, buying direct from consumer is an incredible sales pipeline.