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What kinds of vehicles does Topmarq support?

We support vehicles of all shapes and sizes! Currently our age limit is set to any vehicle newer than 2008, but check back soon because we will be expanding that soon. Due to us shopping quotes for you from multiple dealers, we are able support a much wider variety of vehicles than others.

Please note, however, that some older vehicles or more unique may not be eligible for online offers and the dealers may request a physical inspection. 

*We don't support salvage titled vehicles.

Are the offers you create real?

Where noted as 'Offer Price', these are actual cash offers associated buyers! Should you decide to sell, you can begin the process with that dealer and in some cases have money that day.

Please Note: While we try our absolute best to accurately represent your vehicle, we still recommend you submit your information again through the site you choose to sell with to ensure you get the best price.

*All offers are based on your response to the condition questions and subject to change based on actual inspection of the vehicle and vehicle history.

How does Topmarq get my car value by vin?

Topmarq is different than all the other sites offering to buy your car. Instead of trying to force you to sell to us, we provide a list of offers for your vehicle from the top dealerships across the country. We believe knowledge is power and when you see all your options in one place, it puts you in control. 

Different dealers offer different options like new and used inventory to upgrade, financing options, and more so the offer price is just one part of the equation. In either case, you can't get your REAL car value by vin without checking out all the offers available to you.

How long does it take to value my car?

The process to request your custom quotes is quite easy and takes only a minute or two. Starting with just your VIN or Licence Plate number, we pull basic information about your vehicle. We then request that you answer some condition questions about the interior, exterior, and mechanical state of the vehicle. 

Once you've submitted the form, we are able to value your car in just a few minutes. We also provide an estimated private party value for your vehicle which will show up very quickly. Occassionally some of the quotes will take longer than normal, and in all cases we send an email once we wrapped them up to avoid wasting your time.