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How did we get offers for your car?

The auto industry is evolving quickly and it is now possible to get real cash offers for your vehicle with just some basic information. The hard part is knowing which will be the highest paying and best for you. We've made it easier by doing the leg work and showing you all your options at once. Because we all deserve options :)

Are the offers Topmarq shows real offers?

Where noted as 'Offer Price', these are REAL* offers by the associated buyers! We make it easy for you to choose the best route for your selling preferences.

Please Note: While we try our absolute best to accurately represent your vehicle, we still recommend you submit your information again through the site you choose to sell with to ensure you get the best price.

*All offers are based on your response to the condition questions and subject to change based on actual inspection of the vehicle and vehicle history.

What kinds of cars do you support?

We support vehicles of all shapes and sizes! Because we shop quotes for you from multiple dealers, we are able support a much wider variety of vehicles than others. Please note, however, that some older vehicles or more unique may not be eligible for online offers and the dealers may request a physical inspection. 

*We don't support salvage titled vehicles.

How does Topmarq make me money?

Topmarq makes you money by providing side-by-side comparison of multiple offers for your vehicle, allowing you to get the most for your vehicle. Offers from dealer to dealer can vary up to thousands of dollars for even standard models like Mazdas and Camrys.

Does Topmarq buy my car?

Good question! No, Topmarq does not buy any vehicles and is not a dealership. 

That's one (of the many!) things that makes us different from other services you might use because our goal is not to buy a vehicle from you at the absolute lowest price possible. Our goal is to help inform sellers and give them more access to dealers that may want their vehicle. Unfortunately the industry is still very opaque even with the recent shift to online quotes and selling. Topmarq was established as a type of automated 'helper' to allow sellers to quickly and privately explore the selling options available to them. 

How does Topmarq solve the selling experience?

If you watch TV, you’ve likely seen the commercials for at least one of the online car buying services. Whether it’s Carvana, Vroom, or the reimagined digital-first Carmax, what was once a small part of the market is quickly transforming the overall industry.

It’s easy to understand why as a seller. Going to a local dealer can be extremely intimidating to many - even if you are an established 'car guy/gal' - and tends to result in a poor experience for almost everyone. Dealers want to provide better experiences, they're often just ill equipped to compete. So the result was that most sellers would just trade in to the dealer they bought from.

There were two serious flaws with this process.

The first and most impactful is that even the most seasoned ‘negotiators’ have very little leverage in this scenario. With no other reference price, all you have to go on is a single point of truth. Your family friend may be a true genius at buying / selling cars and love to talk about it, but in all likelihood they probably still won’t get you the best deal possible. This is because you only shopped at one location, and the dealer already knows that you want to buy something on their lot. Additionally, unless you are trading in a vehicle that the dealer can actually sell - eg. trading in a Honda for another Honda - they will likely send it to auction. That means they will not make any additional money on post sale stuff like financing for that car and will not be willing to invest more than what they think they can get at auction.

The second major issue with the classic quoting process is that the dealers are often very aggressive. Once you’re on the lot and give them your details, you can look forward to several phone calls and emails a day for up to 2 months! It's not actually the dealer's fault that this occurs. Traditionally, platforms have sold lead information to as many dealers as possible to maximize their revenue. That meant that one form signed you up for a hand full of different dealers. 

This experience is changing, but is still by and large the status quo for the industry. Some players are better than others, but ultimately dealers are still stuck with a lack of insight into who is actually selling, and what the market price they need to hit is. 

At Topmarq we aim to solve these two problems with what we've been told is a very simple solution. By applying a model that works well in countless other industries (think Kayak, Priceline, TheZebra, Progressive, etc) to the newly digital automotive space, we are able to provide significantly better consumer experiences no matter what dealer they ultimately sell to. That way it's not just the giant brands that have a streamlined experience, but anyone and everyone.

The benefits of this are two-fold. You get to see what all your options are regardless of where you buy your next vehicle from, and traditional dealers get to showcase their offers next to other online dealers which often results in a higher offer than you could have gotten anywhere else.

Instead of blasting your personal information out to anyone who asks, we manage your vehicle profile over time as you receive offers by obfuscating your details. Given that many don't actually sell the first day they look to get pricing, we provide a zero-stress option to do some research. Once you're more confident in your decision to sell, you can choose your favorite offer and ONLY THEN do we connect the dealer with you.

The result is that sellers can research their options with no commitment to sell or aggressive sales pressure from multiple online & local dealers in their area, while getting better pricing because the dealers are incentivized to beat the others.

Better experience, better prices. That's our goal.


What makes Topmarq different?

Glad you asked! 

Topmarq is different in that it is the first service specifically for sellers to shop and price compare. For years, major online platforms have exploded with options for buying a new or used vehicle. Cargurus, TrueCar, Autotrader, and more all have extensive lists of vehicles for sale across the country. And the data shows that most people enjoy having the option to use a trusted 3rd listing site to begin their journey. Over 80% of buyers will start their research on one of the many listing platforms. 

Ok so why does that matter? It matters because when it comes to SELLING your vehicle, there is essentially nothing available to you. The status quo for the industry has been that you choose a car to buy, and then just take an offer from the dealer for your 'trade-in'. Well, the industry has moved forward and consumers like yourself now understand that there's a lot of value in your used vehicle and you shouldn't just hand it off. 

As the second largest asset the average family will own, it makes a lot of sense to spend time price shopping where you can get the most for your used vehicle in the same way you would when buying. Yet unless you want to drive around your city to get quotes from various dealers, it's very difficult to do that.

Enter Topmarq! 

We built Topmarq to do exactly that for sellers. Rather than go in blind to trade in discussions, we empower sellers to know exactly what their vehicles are worth and where. That way you can either trade it in or sell it outright to the option that makes the most sense for you. Maybe you don't care about having your vehicle picked up and would prefer to make an extra $500 to drop at a local dealership. With Topmarq, it's your choice!

How long does it take to value my car?

The process to request your custom quotes is quite easy and takes only a minute or two. Starting with just your VIN or Licence Plate number, we pull basic information about your vehicle. We then request that you answer some condition questions about the interior, exterior, and mechanical state of the vehicle. 

Once you've submitted the form, we are able to value your car in just a few minutes. We also provide an estimated private party value for your vehicle which will show up very quickly. Occassionally some of the quotes will take longer than normal, and in all cases we send an email once we wrapped them up to avoid wasting your time.

Why is finding the right offer so important when selling your car?

There are a few reasons why getting the most money when selling your vehicle is important:

  1. To recoup costs: If you have invested a lot of money in your vehicle, such as for repairs or upgrades, you may want to get the most money possible when selling it in order to recoup some of these costs.

  2. To make a profit: If you purchased your vehicle at a low price and have made improvements to it, you may be able to sell it for a higher price and make a profit.

  3. To have more financial flexibility: The money you get from selling your vehicle can be used for other purposes, such as saving for a down payment on a new home or paying off debt. Having more money can give you more financial flexibility and freedom.

  4. To get the best return on investment: Finally, getting the most money when selling your vehicle is simply a good financial decision. It helps to maximize your return on investment and ensure that you are not losing money on the sale.

Overall, getting the most money when selling your vehicle is important because it can help to recoup costs, make a profit, increase financial flexibility, and get the best return on investment.