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Where does Topmarq find local sellers?

Unlike other private party to dealer platforms, we don't just repurpose sellers from Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. Because we operate a fully managed pricing platform, we are able to offer sellers significantly more value without the pains of listing to a classifieds site. This allows us to source more local sellers that can only be found on Topmarq!

Why is Topmarq better for dealers?

Our mission is to help make the experience of consumer to dealer sales a smooth and enjoyable process for both sides. The result is that dealers get all the benefits of local inventory (cheaper, higher quality, potential buyers), without having to spend all the time chasing leads.

To achieve that we built an automated system that tracks & nurtures sellers from initial lead to highly motivated seller in a consumer-friendly way. Then, we connect you directly to them and help set an appointment to sell. This helps us keep 60-day, 90-day, and longer sellers in the pipeline without wasting your time!