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How will Topmarq Acquisition make my job easier?

As a purchaser or dealership manager, you have a tough task in front of you. Scouring Facebook Marketplace, Ebay, Manheim, etc to find great deals on vehicles that you can turn for profit on your lot. This is time consuming, difficult, and often expensive as everyone focuses on the most obvious deals. Instead, you can take advantage of our stream of custom vehicle suggestions for your store to spend more time on high ROI opportunities.

Why do Topmarq Dealers want help finding cars?

We know buying and selling cars is what you do, and instinct still plays a big part in this industry. That said, the amount of data that is thrown at the average inventory manager these days is overwhelming for even the most experienced. It makes it nearly impossible to sift through all the noise and find the gems worth focusing on. Our ranking system highlights all the vehicles that best match your store's buying profile so that you can spend more time validating and working the deal.